time traveling climatologist

a short story about climate for middle school students

Hakeem lived in Miami, Florida and loved spending time at the beach. One day, he discovered an old pocket watch buried in the sand. When he picked it up, the watch began to glow and shook violently in his hand. Suddenly, Hakeem was transported through time to the year 2123!

When Hakeem looked around, he saw the beaches of Miami were completely gone. The ocean had risen nearly 7 feet and engulfed the coastline [see the science]. Hakeem asked a passerby what had happened. They explained that climate change caused sea levels to rise over the last 100 years, swallowing up Miami's beaches.  With no beaches left, the inland areas were now beachfront property.

Shocked at the changes, Hakeem fiddled with the magic watch and traveled back in time to 2023. He was relieved to see the familiar beaches again. But he noticed the ocean already seemed a little closer than he remembered.

Curious to learn more, Hakeem traveled back 100 years to 1923. The beaches looked wider and healthier. He spoke with some local fishermen who said the ocean's fish supply was plentiful. 

Hakeem bounced around through different years, witnessing the gradual impacts of climate change. In 2173, increased storms brought heavy flooding to the city. By 2223, entire neighborhoods had been abandoned as the sea crept further inland.  

Through his time travels, Hakeem learned that small changes in temperature lead to melting ice caps, thermal expansion of water, and higher seas. He realized that carbon emissions from humans burning fossil fuels were trapping heat and altering the climate.  The effects weren't just in Miami - they were everywhere.

Armed with this new knowledge, Hakeem returned to 2023 determined to make a difference. He educated his friends and family about how individual actions can reduce carbon footprints. Hakeem continued time traveling to monitor the effects of climate change and encourage environmental protection. Thanks to his magical watch, he was able to witness firsthand the immense power humans have to shape the planet's future. Explore the map below to learn more about climate change.

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